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What is this Combloux-Location.fr site all about?

Good question.

First, let me start with an introduction.  Then we’ll get to what this site is all about.  I am Francois…

Francois Bernard

Francois Bernard

Fracois Bernard, in full.  Francois to my friends.  Franky to my annoying but lovable little sister. Please dont call me Franky!

I started this site because I love skiing.  I had been to Combloux skiing a few times and I thought I would write a blog all about it, and how it could be improved.  So I got this website.

Then as time went by, I thought there was a bigger picture of France that wasnt being told clearly.

Not just about the skiing but the gites to stay at, how to find a gite that works with your stay.

Then as I grew up a little, I tried some other stuff, went to other places, took my holidays in other ways and so things evolved into more about holidaying a bit, away from the original theme of purely siing.  You could say I went a bit off piste 😉

Now, it is more than just about skiing.  It is now about skiing, general vacationing in France and the many fantastic Gites I have stayed at and can thoroughly recommend.

If you have any questions or want to recommend your own thoughts just contact me here.

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