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Should You Get A Gite With A Swimming Pool

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Should You Get A Gite With A Swimming Pool – Weighing Pros and Cons

Traveling to France is a wonderful idea, and many people from around the world do it. They not only visit the hot spots that you would normally hear about either. Many are flocking to a more medieval locale, and quaint countryside that doesn’t get nearly as much attention. The southwest region, for instance, is full of opportunity to get a taste of France that many people haven’t even heard about. If you are looking at traveling for holiday, then you will no doubt want to look at getting a gite.

Gites are interesting in that they are homes that you can rent. They come fully furnished, and are not the same as a hotel. Think about a hotel for a moment. When you get a room, you are renting just that. You get a room, a bed, a bathroom, and that’s about it. You don’t get a fully kitchen, or any amenities that come with a home. With that in mind, you will no doubt want to look into an alternative to the accommodations you would normally, and check out gites that are available where you’re going.

Narrowing Down The Selection

There are plenty of options that you can explore, but to break down what you want and need, perhaps it’s best to look into the amenities that you would want. If you’re going to be traveling with friends or family, what type of things would you like to have? Think about this versus a hotel. When you think of hotel amenities, you will have a great deal of communal offerings. With gites, you don’t have to share them with others at the same time, making it a bit more compelling. Think of amenities for yourself, your family, friends, or perhaps a significant other, and you’ll start to slowly drop down the selection to just the essentials.

Enter The Swimming Pool Debate

Perhaps one of the points that you’ll be stuck on is none other than the concept of a pool. A swimming pool is an interesting addition that you will no doubt want to consider. Should your accommodations have a pool in the garden? There are some options that do have this in place, and even spa tubs. This may be a luxury that you may not immediately think about, but it’s certainly worth considering for any holiday. There are several pros and cons that you’ll need to cycle through in order to make a definitive answer in this regards.

The Pros

Swimming pools are fun. They are compelling, they are great for exercise, cooling down, and they can offset the high cost of activities that you would have to spend on in order to entertain family or friends. Tie this together with a spa tub, and you could relax amidst the hot water, jets, and more that come with it. You’ll absolutely find use for this, if you are a swimmer, or just want to cool down when the mercury rises. A pool can be a lot of fun, and it doesn’t have to be large to get a certain amount of enjoyment out of it. For the romantics, perhaps skinny dipping could bring out a bit of adventure. For children, well, what’s vacation without a jump into the deep end of a pool?

I had a chat recently with the guys at and although they don’t currently have a pool, they are soon to put one in because in their words “Frankly, it makes for a better gite!”

The Cons

The first major thing that you’ll have to immediately think about is maintenance. If you’re going to be staying for a while, the pool could be fifthly and you may need to clean it up yourself. Or you may have to call in a pool service at your expense. Another issue could be with the weather. Specifically, the cold weather. If you’re going to be visiting in the winter, you’re not going to want to go into a pool. Not unless it’s heated, or there’s a hot tub, which can provide some warmth. But chances are, you are not going to want to swim amidst the cold weather that surrounds you.

Does your gite have a pool

The Final Word

There are a few pros and cons that you can list when considering whether or not you get a pool with the gite solutions you need. At the end of the day, you will need to decipher what is going to matter most to your friends and family. Whether you’re traveling with a big party, or you’re going solo, you need to consider what you want and need. Do you want luxury; do you need some distraction? Or are you just going to need a place to sleep? If you want more than just a room, perhaps a swimming pool seals the deal for your next holiday.

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