Some of The Best Places To Stay When Traveling To The Southwest of France

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Some of The Best Places To Stay When Traveling To The Southwest of France

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A Look At Some of The Best Places To Stay When Traveling To The Southwest of France

When it comes to traveling to France, you are no doubt going to want to see what is available beyond Paris. Paris is great, and it’s one of the most amazing locales to consider, but there is so much more to explore, when you leave the most beaten of paths. For instance, you will find some amazing locales in the southwest region of the country. If you’re going to book a trip, and you want to see something grand, consider looking at some compelling locales southwest. Furthermore, consider getting a good gite. These are especially interesting and cost effective. If you don’t want to pay the high costs of hotel living, then gite solutions are the way to go. These are fully furnished locales that you can rent for your holiday, and won’t have to deal with the hustle and bustle of hotel living, and high costs that are sometimes associated with locations that will no doubt charge you for everything. This is cost effective, and puts you amidst the unbeaten paths of France’s most beautiful locations.

Why Southwest France?

First and foremost, you will find that the gites that you will find in this region are very much picturesque. But beyond that, the area is home to some of the most compelling natural wonders. Not only that, you’ll find that the southwest region throws you back into the past of the country. There is a rural feeling that reaches to ancient times. The history of this region has many locations that are unchanged, and will give you a different vantage point for vacation. Instead of going with the modern city views, consider the rural, natural landscapes that await you.

The region has a deep history through the 14th and 15th centuries, and has a legacy of medieval palaces, chateaus and more. There are small villages, fortified cities, clifftop accommodations with amazing views, and so much more. As you go through the countryside, you will be met with amazing food, friendly people, and perhaps the most stunning of vineyards that will give you a taste of France that is not often seen by your average tourist. Head to Bordeaux, Margaux, Medoc, and Stain-Emilion if you’re a fan of wine, as many of the best are found here.

Visiting Dordogne

For those that are searching for a good place to stay, and are seeking gite solutions, look towards Dordogne. This is a locale that has incredible history. Small towns, amazing green hills, farms, and over 1,000 castles await you when looking here. There are several amazing locations to stay, and if you like quaint, quite, and beautiful architecture, here is a place to visit. For fans of medieval times, do not miss your chance to visit Salrat and Bergerac. These are preserved, and date back to the times of nobility. Walk the streets, look at the architecture, and get a taste for the natural splendor that awaits through the southwest region. Also, make sure to put Rocamadour, Santiago de Campostela, and Martel when narrowing down your search for a quality gite.

Heading to Pyrénées

On the border of France and Spain, you will find this amazing little region. This is a place where hiking, walking, and exploration become the norm. This is not the beaten path, so expect rural settings to really come into play. This is a locale where you will find gite solutions to be compelling, and cost effective. If you’re religious at all, then you will no doubt want to see the towns that have been made famous by Catholic history including Lourdes and Pau. But if you just want to see the natural beauty of France, this is a place to not miss, as the skiing, mountaineering and adventure awaits.

The Atlantic Coast

If you’re seeking sunlight, and coastal elements as a whole, then you will no doubt want to check out this amazing locale. Whether you head to La Rochelle or Biarritz, there are plenty of interesting spots to take advantage of on your holiday. There are a few islands that are just off shore, as well as small villages that highlight miles of amazing beaches. This very well may be one of the best kept secrets in French travel, and brings you a more laid back pace when traveling. As far as gites and accommodations are concerned, there are some very quaint options here that won’t break the bank. The Atlantic Coast brings to you some of the most iconic locales that Europe’s royalty frequented throughout the 19th century. Make sure to consider this option when you are looking at booking a holiday in South France.

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